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We have been working on bringing our vision and store to fruition since 2017. Our hard work has brought Atomic Flower to you. We strive to offer an unmatched positive customer experience, and want everyone who visits our store to feel welcome while having their personal Cannabis needs fulfilled. 

At Atomic Flower we aspire to build a relationship with our customers and we understand that every consumer has different needs when it comes to cannabis. We are proud to say that we test all of our products to give the customer an informed and accurate description to fulfill their personal cannabis preferences.

Our team spends countless hours every week communicating with suppliers to ensure we receive the best possible, freshly packed potent strains, with a solid terpene factor. We strive to offer the absolute best possible customer experience with friendly suggestions to match the needs of the newest consumer to a veteran smoker. 

Cannabis is our passion, and we want to share it with you!